Men's Health May 2015

The 4 Week Fat Shredder-Men’s Health Magazine

Harness the power of metabolic resistance training to build the body you have always wanted…faster than ever!

Men's Health May 2015

Men’s Health May 2015

Courtesy of Men’s Health Magazine you can shred your fat in quick time with their FREE Fat Shrdder workout sheet.

Do three workouts a week, alternating between A and B with a day of rest
inbetween. Perform the workouts as circuits, doing each exercise for 60
seconds and moving from one to the next with 30 seconds of rest. Do
up to six circuitsper workout, resting 1 minute between them. “For an even greater challenge, combine both workouts into one big circuit,” says Gaddour. Follow the same work-to-rest ratio,doing up to three megacircuits per workout, three times a week.