Bedroom Adventures

  • Sex is even better when you’re fit

    Eat right, sleep right, feel right

  • Mike Chang Founder of Six Pack Shortcuts

    Highly amusing videos and training regimes

  • David Kimmerle- Not Bad at all

    David is a Hollywood model and looks every inch of one

  • Keep this in your Mind

    Which one are you? Keep this picture in your mind

These are reminders of what you are trying to achieve

It’s easy to forget why you are looking at all these pictures, nice I know, but in the end you have to get int gear and START DOING something about it. It’s all in the mind ( and in the stomach). Remember whatever you put inside your mouth ( Gob or Cakehole if you are in Australia or Canada, Piehole if you are anywhere else) will ultimately go to fat or muscle. You need to become OBSESSED. Every time you look in the mirror you have to picture Rob Riches abs. He had a little trick when driving, tense your tummy muscles as you leave the traffic lights and don’t release them until the next set . This is not suggested on a trip from La to Florida/ Edinburgh to London/ Sydney to Adeliade…you ge the picture.

Watch THIS for inspiration  Click the link

ChrisandHeidi Powell

Fit Men and Women provides a balanced source of information for Men and Women, but its a fact there is more out there for men to workout, build muscle,weightlifting and so on. We try and provide the ladies who visit our site with good quality videos and links from trainers with a proven track record. One such company is Athlean-XX For Women created by Jeff Cavaliere. here is a reminder of the great work carried out by the women of Athlean-XX. Click the link or image to see the video


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