FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Is Fit Men and Women a memberships site?

Image129  Nope….Fit Men and Women is a FREE site, no membership required. However, if you want to keep up to date with exercise, health, body building, sex…well you get the picture then all you have to do is sign up for one our our free reports and from then on you will receive emails of offers and information about nutrition, weight loss and weight gain. Click here to get The Diet ReportKitty Osborne Editor

Does Fit Men and Women site sell products?

IMGP0007Eventually we will have a store but right now if we find a product or report that we think is useful, educational or too good not to try, we will become and affiliate.  This means we may or may not receive a small introductory commission. Keep on the lookout for our store, we’ll be selling equipment, proteins, supplements, books and reports.Kitty Osborne Editor

Which Countries Does Fit Men and Women cater for?

IMGP0421We cater for USA, Canada, United Kingdom,Australia, New Zealand,Scandinavia and Benelux ( Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg). All English speaking countries. What this means is the editorial is primarily from those countries ( but not exclusive if we get some stunning South American contributors)kittyOsborneSig

Can I Make Editorial or Video Suggestions?

Kitty SunglassesYes of course you can ! We welcome them, Any stories about yourself, your friends or anyone you may have seen that provides information or inspiration, just send it to us at this email address  Just paste the video link or url and we’ll look at it.


Will you do Telephone Interviews?

Kitty Sierra NevadaIMGP0228 Click on the number on the left to see my reaction! ( just click the BACK button on your browser to get back to Fit Men and Women ) Yes of course we will !. We’ll probably use Skype or one of the video platforms..and we may even record it and publish it with you in it ( only if you want) .Just send us a request by email with all the details kittyOsborneSig

Are there any jobs at Fit men and women?

Kitty On BeachAt the moment we need contributors more than full time staff. If you are an author, writer,keep fit enthusiast, trainer or photographer with a good blog or website and fit our company ethos, we’ll feature your articles and your company. Just email HERE

Kitty Osborne Editor

Kitty Osborne Editor

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

Here are several ways to contact us

Want To Submit and Article?

Submit Article Wan to submit and article, story, exercise, recipe, tip or video link? Just send it to us my email. We’ll review it and get in touch either by email or phone

Want to link a Video?

Send VideoGot a video you want us to show ( with links back to your site) then just email the url from YouTube or Vimeo, we’ll check it out and let you know if it’s featured.

If I submitted an article would I get paid?

As much as we would like to pay everyone, the answer is no. Sorry. Our contributors either send press releases or are experts in their field and receive recognition by links to their site or advert.

Do you ever pay for articles.?

Yes if we feel that there is a subject that the author is top notch then we will pay for the article. If you feel that’s you, just drop us a line by email address to The Editor

What would you pay for an article?

There is no set fee. Usually a feature article would be a minimum of 1,500 words and more like 3,000. This wouldn’t be a blog, it would be a published feature article that may appear in one of our publications or syndicated to others. You can always drop us an email and we’ll call you back

What topics can I submit?

Any topic that encompasses lifestyle, be it exercise,diet,training,weight loss, sexual matters and relationship issues.

Can I send a video?

T he best way is to load it on to Youtube or Vimeo and them email us the link. We can then decide  to either host it ourselves ( with your permission) or link it to your player. If we do that you have the benfit of backlinks .

Backlinks enable you to keep track of other pages on the web that link to your post. for more information click here

Kitty Sierra NevadaWherever we can we always provide you information that you can use and learn from. This means alwasy acknowledging our source material. Thanks Kitty Osborne -EditorkittyOsborneSig