Kim Kardashian Butt Workout !!

jess Athlean-xx for Women

jess Athlean-xx for Women

When you think of Kim Kardashian’s body, you can’t deny that one of her best assets is her sexy, round butt. We all know that Kim is the queen of glamour, as you probably saw on her recent Vogue cover with her beau, Kanye West. But if you want to get a firm booty like Kim’s you’ve got to be willing to get sweaty and dirty, and most of all, lift heavy!

So today we’ve got an awesome Kim Kardashian butt workout for you. It will help you tone, firm, lift and round out your butt! ( or if you really want to see Kim Kardashian as seen by Russell Brand click here)

1) Bulgarian Split Lunge — This is a great exercise to isolate the individual glute muscles on each leg. Try to use as heavy a weight as you can to really get the muscles to grow and get you a rounder butt.

2) Goblet Squat — This butt exercise stretches out your glutes to the max in the full squat position, and then contracts them when you get to the top standing position.

3) Ball Thruster — This glute exercise utilizes an exercise ball for instability and extra weight. It’s great for both a firmer butt and hamstrings.

This awesome glutes workout will really help you tone your glutes and get a big round booty, just like Kim Kardashian. While you might not end up on the cover of Vogue like ‘Kimye’ did, your new firm butt will get lots of admirers!

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