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I was reading a copy of Men’s Health Magazine the other day ( standard reading in this industry) and on Page 35 of the May issue there is an article called Deep End Training and it’s about increasing your breathing efficiency. I was deeply interested in this because it was through trying to train for a sprint triathlon I discovered I had cancer. It took three months to discover I had a tumour in my intestines and only had 50% red blood cells, which prevented my lungs from expanding.

What was weird was that the only symptom was acute breathlessness in the pool, on the bike,running and in the gym, nothing in my intestines was bothering me.  What I did’nt realise was that I was slowly dying by losing blood that was passing unseen from my body.

after the op

after the op

To cut a long story short ( no pun intended, i can tell it all another day) I had an operation called a right hemi-colectomy, which is the removal of about two and half feet ( about 76 centimetres) of colon.

Now what has this got to do with breathing? Well a lot actually..


It took a long time to recover and through lack of exercise my chest had shrunk in size. My mind was willing but the body was weak, then I spotted a  Power Breathe in John Lewis in Welwyn Garden City.  Feeling like a drunk being breathylised, I used it every day and the first time, it sent my head spinning. You can adjust the settings to increase the resistance. Slowly my lumg capacity increased, my swimming was longer and stronger and overall I felt as though I was making good progress. The article in Men’s Health Magazine cited the PowerLung at £88 from www.cartwrightfitness.com.  Go on give it a Blow!

  • POWERbreathe uses the scientifically proven pressure threshold system
  • POWERbreathe has been researched and developed by professional sports scientists
  • POWERbreathe has undergone rigorous and systematic testing to identify the most effective training regimen
  • POWERbreathe comes with a comfortable mouthpiece and you simply breathe in through the device
  • Use POWERbreathe for 30 breaths, twice a day. That’s less than 5-minutes per day.

To compare all Powerbreathe Models click here To watch a Video on How Powerbreathe Works Click here or on the image.


Power Breathe- How it Works


Within a few days your inspiratory muscles will feel stronger and within 3-weeks you’ll already be feeling less breathless. After only 4-6 weeks your inspiratory muscles should be in a much better condition, so much so that you can maintain the benefits with only one POWERbreathe training session every other day.



PowerBreathe Brochure

PowerBreathe Brochure

POWERbreathe training is particularly helpful in the following contexts:

  • All sports, including sprint sports and high altitude sports and training
    Treatment of breathlessness and exercise limitation due to illness, including respiratory, cardiovascular and neuromuscular, or simply due to advancing age .
  • Core stability training for injury prevention and the management of low back pain, postural instability and neuromuscular rehabilitation
  • Physically demanding occupational situations where breathing demand is raised
  • Settings in which the rib cage is restricted by clothing or equipment, such as protective clothing ensembles worn by the uniformed services
  • Settings where loads are carried on the thorax, such as military rucksacks and army Bergens
  • Settings demanding manual handling and load carriage, whether in an office, factory, warehouse or retail environment
  • Settings where breathing apparatus is used (self-contained and filtration), such as woodworking and fire fighting
  • Performing artists, including singers / vocalists, actors and dancers as well as teachers and public speakers where deep breathing, breathing control and voice projection are required
  • Wind musicians who are required to take deeper breaths, control the breath and have the ability to sustain forceful breathing
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